KWx and Astrol present solutions for control and protection of maritime DC grids at the Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo

Proper protection of onboard DC grids is of essential importance and at the same time a big challenge for system integrators. KWx and Astrol Electronic have developed a range of 1kV solid-state DC breaker switches for marine applications. A unique solution to protect any part of the onboard DC grid. They will presents their final range of DC breaker switches and complementary products at the Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo in Amsterdam.

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The unique technology provides maximum flexibility for onboard DC grids and ensures protection against short-circuit currents within microseconds. A modular and future proof design ensures easy integration within existing applications, capable of handling currents up to 5kA for the largest model. Designing DC grids using these breaker switches enables much more efficient topologies.

The 1kV DC breaker switches protect any part of the onboard DC grid against short-circuit currents in microseconds. The ultra-fast opening time limits the fault current and minimizes the negative impact on the load. Therefore, the current does not reach damaging levels and can be interrupted without forming an arc, eliminating the need for a forced voltage reversal.

Finalizing the papers for our DNV approval

KWx and Astrol Electronic will present the final design of DC breaker switches during the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo in Amsterdam on June 25, 26 and 27. The 0.5 kA and 1.25 kA switches are now reaching their final DNV approval.

Additionally, they will present complementary components for maritime DC applications like rectifiers, capacitors and power resistors. With this extensive range of components for controlling and protecting DC grids, the Power Electronics division of KWx provides solutions to the various electrical challenges in marine, industrial, traction and automotive applications.