Launching of new Irish fishing vessel Tilly WD-3 in Den Oever

LUYT yard at Den Oever (Holland) has launched the Irish beam trawler ‘Tilly’ WD-3. ‘Tilly’ was craned into the water at Den Oever for the final stages of fitting out to be completed and preparing the vessel for sea trials. The 26.05 metre LOA, 6.75 metre breadth beam trawler is being built for O.F. Fishing Ltd in Ireland.

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LUYT is acting as the main contractor, responsible for the entire process from design to completion. ‘Tilly’ WD-3 is the yard’s own design, developed in collaboration with Gaastmeer Design. LUYT is also supplying the Mitsubishi main engine and gensets, as well as the six-drum LUYT winch -the thousandth LUYT winch produced by the yard over its 60-year history.

The yard is working with suppliers in the Wieringen region to fit out the new beamer, which is named after the mother of its owners, the O’Flaherty brothers of Kilmore Quay company O.F. Fishing.

O.F. Fishing and the LUYT yard have a long shared history, as the yard has been looking after their vessels for some years. O.F. Fishing’s Emer Jane DA-37 has called at Den Oever recently for maintenance and a new winch. Saltees Quest WD-38 is also scheduled to be fitted with a new six-drum winch at the yard.