Join the webinar series about multiannual innovation program NAVAIS

Worldwide competition is fierce, and in order to maintain world-leadership in complex, value-added and highly specialised vessels European shipbuilders must develop tailor-made innovative concepts that are efficient to design and build. Participate in the EC-funded NAVAIS project webinar series, to get informed about the progress the NAVAIS project has made.


NAVAIS is a multiannual innovation program for the shipbuilding industry. The results of NAVAIS will increase efficiency in design and flexibility in production networks. In total, the European Commission will invest € 6.5 million Euros over a period of four years, by means of the Horizon 2020 program, the research- and innovation program of the European Commission

The NAVAIS project is developing a platform-based modular product family approach supported by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. This concept will increase efficiency in vessel design and flexibility in production networks. The project focuses on passenger/road ferries and multi-use workboats integrating sustainability in the design of the ships. NAVAIS will support the transfer from an engineered-to-order business model to an assemble-to-order business model, which will allow shorter process lead-times, constant quality, reduced design and production costs and better integration of the SME supply chain, thereby increasing competitiveness of the European shipbuilding industry.

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In this series of 4 webinars, we will not only inform you on the progress the project is making, but also get you up to speed on several other related developments, including the EC-funded TrAM project and inspiration from outside the marine industry.

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