METS Technology chooses EST-Floattech Battery System for the refit of a Swedish vessel

February 16 2023

14 February 2023 – Swedish system integrator METS Technology has, together with main contractor Ö-VARVET AB, decided on EST-Floattech’s new Octopus Series battery system for the retrofitting of the MS ‘Hamnen’. METS Technology focuses on developing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for different ships or offshore installations, and we are proud to be part of their new project. The MS ‘Hamnen’ is a Gothenburg Port Security vessel, built in 1979, that will be retrofitted to become more future-proof. Shipyard Ö-VARVET will conduct a major rebuild, as the diesel engine will be replaced by a parallel hybrid system with Power Take Off/Power Take Inn functionality. “We are proud to deliver our new Octopus Series product to METS Technology and contribute again to the transition to zero-emission shipping and Gothenburg’s goals of emission-free sailing,” says Walter van der Pennen, CCO. EST-Floattech will deliver the Octopus High Energy Battery System, tailored to the space available on the MS Hamnen and the energy requirements. Shipyard Ö-VARVET has designed a battery compartment in collaboration with METS and is enthusiastic about the installation of the EST-Floattech modules. The battery system provides flexibility, and there is space reserved for an additional battery pack if the shipowner is looking to expand the battery capacity in the future. The batteries will provide enough power for the vessel to sail for at least 4 hours at 6 knots, and will also provide energy for the vessel’s hotel load and the bow thruster. “Fitting a battery system is often about weight and dimensions. Especially when it comes to a refit, the available space is limited. However, the Octopus system offers great flexibility to make optimal use of the available space,” says Jelle Meindertsma, Sales Manager. The Octopus System is developed based on our ‘safe by design’ mentality and will soon meet the DNV type approval requirements. This battery system has a high energy density and is built to be robust and reliable.