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3D Industrial and International Test Solulutions are embarking on a new adventure

August 14 2023

International Test Solutions has been acquired by 3D Industrial.

Arjo van Oeveren as General Director and Rudy Wilhelm as Technical Director will manage both
companies. As of January 1, 2024, the companies will be merged.

Arjo and Rudy are very excited about the future collaboration. 11 years ago they were still colleagues
and in the past six months the idea has arisen to formalize the existing pleasant cooperation. In
addition to conventional inspection methods, both companies have their own specialism and work in
several sectors.

Managing Director Arjo explains: “We have been growing strongly for a few years now and this
acquisition allows us to serve a wider customer base and offer more specialist disciplines. Rudy and I
have spoken a lot during the orientation phase and we are convinced that we will strengthen each
other and be a perfect match”. Rudy adds: "Now I can focus on technical developments and our
customers and can leave the operational organisation, planning and administration to my new

Arjo says: “Ater a few tense months during the preparation phase, we are finally going into business
together and we can play open cards with the customers for whom we already carry out projects
together. Rudy and I are looking forward to it and will make it a great success together with our team.
In 2023, nothing noticeable will change for staff and customers. In the coming months we will
prepare the merger and we will inform all parties involved about the new situation as of 1 January”.