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Alewijnse and Hauzer collaboration accelerating

February 13 2024

This year, Alewijnse is not only marking 135 years since it was founded, it and IHI Hauzer Techno Coating BV are also jointly celebrating the successful completion of 135 projects together. The collaboration between the two organisations has over time developed into a substantial partnership in the production of innovative machines for coating fuel cells and other products This has been driven by the growing demand for sustainable solutions and the advancement of hydrogen technology.

In 2024, the partnership between Alewijnse and Hauzer has accelerated further, with Alewijnse securing seven new orders in the last two months. This is due to the strong demand for specialised Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating equipment for sustainable coating applications across industries such as automotive, maritime, aerospace, and medical.
The emergence of hydrogen technology is playing an important role in this surge. With an increasing number of companies producing hydrogen cells, there is growing interest in investing in machines capable of applying high-quality coatings on a large scale. A protective coating not only guards against corrosion and friction, it also prolongs the life of the fuel cells.

A crucial link

Alewijnse plays a vital role in the production of coating machines. Hauzer utilizes inline coating systems which implement a series of individual process steps for vacuum pumps; with etching, coating and aeration occurring in multiple spaces. For this production process, advanced electrical control panels are essential, and Alewijnse delivers them built to the highest quality.
Andrei Oprea, team lead at Alewijnse Marine Galati, explains, "We supply durable, reliable, and innovative distribution systems and control panels that form the heart of the demand-control function in this industrial environment. Our electrical panels manage the operation of the machines, conveyors and other components, as well as controlling the power supply and protecting the motors. As a complete service, we also provide the wiring and connect everything neatly within the panels, which are then integrated into Hauzer's mechanical cabinets."

A unique collaboration

"The collaboration between Hauzer and Alewijnse is first class,” continues Andrei. “We operate on trust, respect, mutual support and long-term thinking, and in addition to delivering quality within project timelines, we also contribute ideas for the optimal setup to achieve efficient production.”
Bart Schattefor, senior buyer at IHI Hauzer Techno Coating BV adds: “We are very satisfied with the collaboration with Alewijnse. The communication between us is excellent, and there is a high level of transparency. This results in good quality work.”

What sets this collaboration apart from many others is the ability of Alewijnse to build where the client is located. Alewijnse is internationally orientated with its own production facilities in the Netherlands, Romania and Vietnam. This enables them to offer the best service to clients across Europe and Asia, including competitive prices, short logistic lines and flexibility. Alewijnse’s service and maintenance offerings further enhance the overall excellence of its collaboration.
Alewijnse invests in maintaining its relationships with companies like Hauzer, working with them to develop new trends, thinking along with them about the designs and bringing added value to the table when it comes to sustainability, energy consumption, innovations and new solutions. Panel building is a profession in its own right, in which Alewijnse can provide optimal advice to the maritime and industrial sectors due to its broad expertise. That is the strength that Alewijnse offers its customers.