Autonomous sailing with integrated Pilot-assist for Hamilton WaterJets

April 6 2021

Autonomous command and control technologies to move waterjet vessels to the forefront of 21st century navigation and utility. HamiltonJet and Sea Machines have developed a concept that utilizes on-board autonomy with enhanced situational awareness (through cameras, radar, AIS, GPS, etc.) in a way that is highly desirable in many manned applications. But we knew it had to be well integrated at the helm and easy for mariners to use. Currently under development, this innovative pilot-assist product is slated to be operational in 2022. In the near future it will be fully embedded in HamiltonJet’s Advanced Vessel Control (AVX) program. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of HamiltonJet? Or are you curious about what else AMW-Marine can do for your cruise? Please contact AMW-Marine at