Bolidt supplies for world’s most advanced research vessel

April 6 2021

Leading resin applications specialist Bolidt has supplied a range of state-of-the-art decking solutions for OceanX’s new flagship OceanXplorer, the most advanced vessel of its kind ever built. Following extensive rebuilding work at Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam, OceanXplorer is regarded as the most advanced exploration, research and media vessel at sea. The 87-metre former offshore survey vessel is the new flagship for Dalio Philanthropies’ initiative OceanX, whose mission is “to explore the ocean and bring it back to the world”. OceanXplorer will serve simultaneously as a launch pad for deep-sea exploration, a marine life laboratory and a broadcast studio for audiences around the globe. Bolidt installed its industry-leading decking solutions throughout the vessel. For areas including the main deck, submarine hangar, wet lab and first-deck walkway, Bolideck® Select Hard was chosen for its durability, impermeability and resistance to impact and chemicals, among other characteristics. Bolideck® Helideck was applied to the helicopter deck, while the galley was fitted with the anti-skid, shock-proof Bolideck® 700 RF, along with integrated electrical heating. Finally, the versatile and luxurious Bolideck® Future Teak was selected for decks 3 and 4. "OceanXplorer was built to explore the farthest reaches of our planet and brave some of its harshest conditions," says Roger Mayer, Chief of Staff, OceanX. "We are pleased to have Bolidt's decking solutions integrated into a wide array of facilities across our vessel, as they will support our ability to withstand the extreme stresses of the ocean world." While OceanXplorer can be considered a unique and groundbreaking ship, Bolidt was able to rise to the task thanks to its considerable experience supplying vessels destined for challenging missions and extreme environments. To date, the Netherlands-based company has delivered cutting-edge decking products tailored to the requirements of navy vessels, arctic expedition ships, hydrographic survey vessels and more. “OceanX has made scientific breakthroughs, discovered new species and aims to inspire the next generation of marine scientists and ocean advocates,” says Jacco van Overbeek, Director Maritime, Bolidt. “Its work aligns with our own principles regarding sustainability, protecting the ocean and driving positive change – and for this reason, we are extremely proud to be part of OceanXplorer’s story, which will no doubt be a very exciting and illuminating one.” Bolidt’s approach to innovation and sustainability is embodied in its Innovation Center, which showcases the company’s pioneering research and development work alongside its existing designs and solutions. Although the ongoing pandemic means that physical attendance is only permitted under strict conditions, the Center remains accessible via virtual tour, ensuring that visitors can experience the inner workings of the company from anywhere in the world.