Frontier BV provides exclusive connectivity solutions for the maritime sector

June 8 2023

The maritime sector faces unique challenges when it comes to internet connectivity on the high seas. Fluctuating network availability, growing bandwidth needs for systems and controlling costs remain major concerns for the maritime sector. As a leading distributor of Peplink, Frontier BV offers innovative solutions that address these challenges before they arise.

‘’We understand that reliable connectivity is an essential factor in the maritime sector’,’ says Ramses van der Wielen, Partner Manager Europe at Frontier BV. ‘’Online connectivity, anytime, anywhere, is a growth market. That trend has only increased in recent times.’’ Achieving a reliable internet connection on board ships is essential, and that’s where Peplink’s solutions come in.

Peplink MAX HD1 Dome

The Peplink MAX HD1 Dome is a router with a single 5G modem and is a versatile solution designed to provide maximum connectivity in a compact form factor. With its rugged casing and IP67 rating, the HD1 Dome stands up to the challenges of the maritime challenge. The advantage of the HD1 Dome is that the router’s antennas are placed in the same housing as the cellular modems. ‘’The MAX HD1 Dome provides reliable connectivity aboard ships regardless of location’’, Aziz El Bouazzati, Head of Sales & Marketing at Frontier BV explains. ‘’It enables maritime organizations to stay in touch with their crew and manage key operational processes even in challenging conditions.’’

Peplink MAX HD2 Dome

The Peplink MAX HD2 Dome is a router with two embedded 5G modems and is specifically designed to meet the needs of demanding maritime environments. Many 4G/5G setups consist of a router with external antennas attached, which often leads to signal loss. This is not the case with the HD2 Dome; in fact, the router’s antennas are placed in the same housing as the cellular modems. ‘’The Peplink MAX HD2 Dome is the ideal choice for maritime organizations that require higher bandwidth and reliability’’, Aziz commented. ‘’With its solution, ships can benefit from a powerful and stable connection, which is essential for modern maritime operations.’’

Peplink MAX HD2 Long Range Dome

For ships in need of long-range communications, the Peplink MAX HD2 Long Range Dome provides the ideal solution. With its integrated high-gain antennas, the Long Range Dome can receive signals from distant base stations, extending connectivity in remote areas. ‘’This solution is ideal for ships operating in international waters far from shore or out of range of traditional mobile networks. This opens up new opportunities for communications and data transmission on ships operating in remote areas.’’, Aziz added.

‘’As a distributor of Peplink, Frontier BV is proud to support companies in implementing reliable and advanced connectivity solutions. Our expertise and experience allow us to work closely with customers and provide them with customized solutions that meet their unique needs’’, concludes Ramses.

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