LISA Community Celebrates Anniversary with Virtual Summit April 23rd

April 19 2021

Since its launch, the LISA Community staged 250+ events, has been visited 320.000+ times, received 19.000 visitors from 111 different countries, welcomed 2.100 LISA members and 30 Premium Members. To Celebrate its Anniversary, LISA will host a unique day with 19 free events next April 23rd. We skip the presentations and formalities, so you can connect right away.

Talk to experts

Every half hour, you have the opportunity to speak with experts and specialist about issues that are relevant to you right now: whether it relates to fuel, ropes and wires, certification and compliance, automation, lubrication, cyber security, remote assistance, docking, retrofit or any other topic that's on you radar. In total, 19 events will, take place. Join any session you like, or just hop in and out to ask your questions.

Why are there no presentations?

Since the launch in April 2020, the LISA Community staged 250+ events, ranging from technical webinars, social meet-ups and mastermind sessions. All these events made one thing clear: connecting maritime professionals in an informal way, where knowledge and experiences are openly shared, creates positive energy and helps everyone to succeed. So that's what we are going to do.

Small is beautiful

It's difficult to have a proper discussion with 300 people in a room. That's why we prefer to have 15 people in a room. That may sound strange: most event organisers highlight the (big) number of participants. We don't. Because we know better: smaller settings are more fun, more effective and more valuable to all. Small is beautiful.

Around the globe

We are broadcasting live from ROG Shiprepair Rotterdam, but online meet-ups are organised from all over the globe. Download the LISA Community App on iOS or Android and join for free.