MarFlex – Cargo and fuel Pump Solutions order intake

February 9 2024

“2023 was a great year for MarFlex and the future looks bright”, says Jasper van de Kant, MarFlex Sales Director. “We see increasing demand for our solutions and especially our unique and patent pending MarFlex Smart Pump technology receives a lot of interest.

The system automatically secures running the pumps at best efficiency during the whole discharge process. This is done by continuous and automated control of valve positions and pump speeds.

It reduces crew workload, saves energy and can save a lot of time while automatically completing the discharge within terminal or ship to ship discharge requirements.

The first ships are now in operation. We see 20% energy saving can easily be achieved.  In time saving mode, the crew can also configure the discharge based on a certain time limit.

In this case there is still energy saving however the time saving is emphasized and 30% to 60% time saving for the complete discharge has been achieved.

MarFlex Smart Pump Technology is a gamechanger for the industry and we are honored that many shipowners have started an open dialogue with us to further explore the possibilities it offers.

An open dialogue is where all our innovations have started and also for 2024, we again invite everyone with a passion to innovate and create a better work and living environment to a dialogue with us.”