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Maritime Innovation Award win for Holland Shipyards Group and Riveer

April 24 2024

We are proud to share the exciting news of our collaborative success in winning the Schuttevaer Award 2024, a recognition for our innovative project involving the lightweight electric aluminum ferries, Gorinchem XII and Altena VI. This award, presented at the Maritime Innovation Platform event, celebrates our joint commitment to leading the way in sustainable maritime solutions.

Our journey to this achievement has been marked by determination and a shared vision between Holland Shipyards Group and Riveer. Facing challenges head-on and pushing the boundaries of innovation, we've proven that together, we can create impactful and environmentally responsible maritime advancements.

Innovative and sustainable design

With a focus on sustainability, we embarked on a mission to design ferries that not only met precise operational requirements but also prioritized environmental stewardship. By choosing aluminum over traditional materials, we significantly reduced the weight of each ferry to 56 tons, compared to the 200+ tons of their steel counterparts. This not only allows for high speeds with reduced power but also aligns with our joint commitment to reducing our environmental footprint.

Furthermore, the decision to forego painting the ferries saved an additional two tons and reduced the maintenance needs, enhancing the project's eco-friendliness. These steps forward have established a new standard within the industry, demonstrating that sustainable solutions can be both effective and innovative.

Dedication and partnership

"A special thank you to Holland Shipyards Group for their unparalleled commitment, perseverance, and involvement, which have led us together to the Schuttevaer Prize 2024. Their dedication to sustainability and innovation in the development of the Gorinchem XII and Altena VI ferries is an inspiring example of how partnership can change the future of maritime transport." – Johan Hania, Manager Riveer

This award is highlights the power of collaboration, the expertise of our maritime suppliers, and the support of everyone who believed in and voted for this project. We would like to express our thanks to everyone involved in this project. Your support and confidence in our vision have truly made a difference.