Piet Brouwer 2

Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology installation for hull numbers 1 and 2 at Werft Shipbuilding

November 1 2023

An Ultra-shallow Hybrid Workboat and a 28-metre fishing vessel; these are hull numbers 1 and 2 at Werft Shipbuilding, a new yard that is teaming up with established and experienced companies on the two orders it has already received. Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology will be designing, building and installing the electrical system for both vessels.

Hull number 1 is a hybrid vessel with electric propulsion and the option to place and plug in a battery container on deck. This allows the vessel to be used flexibly for zero-emission applications or in very shallow waters. The order is a fine addition to our long list of projects with electric hybrid propulsion and on this occasion we are also fully developing and building the Propulsion Control System in-house.

Hull number 2 involves a fishing trawler sailing under the Belgian flag for a shipping company from Urk. The vessel will be equipped with a robust installation that is focused on reliability and efficiency. A unique aspect of this project is that it will be the first trawler to be fully built in Urk, from keel-laying to hoisting the flag, for many years.