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Radio Holland sets sail to Offshore Europe

September 12 2023

The first choice for NavCom solutions: Radio Holland is leading the way in the Offshore Market by showcasing its revolutionary Dynamic Positioning and Communication Solutions at Offshore Europe in Aberdeen. As a frontrunner in maritime technology, Radio Holland is set to present an impressive range of innovations.

Setting the Standard in Offshore Communication:

Radio Holland is setting sail to Offshore Europe with a primary focus on enhancing communication solutions tailored to the offshore sector. While we continue to excel in Dynamic Positioning (DP) technology, our commitment to advancing communication cannot be overstated. In addition to our renowned DP solutions, Radio Holland proudly extends its expertise to a range of vital offshore communication systems, including:

  1. Zenitel Public Address & General Alarm Systems: Elevate safety and communication with Zenitel's state-of-the-art PA/GA systems designed to meet the demanding requirements of offshore installations.
  2. IPTV Solutions: Experience cutting-edge in-room entertainment and information dissemination through Radio Holland's IPTV solutions, catering to the comfort and entertainment needs of offshore personnel.
  3. PABX Solutions: Ensure seamless communication within your offshore facilities with our advanced PABX solutions, designed to meet the unique challenges of the offshore environment.
  4. Tetra and CCTV Expertise: Trust Radio Holland's proficiency in Tetra communication systems and Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) solutions to enhance security and operational efficiency in offshore operations.

Dynamic Positioning Takes Center Stage:

Radio Holland remains at the forefront of DP technology. Visitors to Offshore Europe 2023 will have the opportunity to explore the following DP innovations:
1.    DP Workstation: Radio Holland's DP workstation redefines vessel control, offering an integrated suite of control systems, ensuring precision, safety, and efficiency in DP operations.
2.    DPT-4500 System: A trusted and proven solution, the DPT-4500 system delivers reliability and performance across vessels of all sizes, from 17 meters to an impressive 340 meters.

Navigational Precision and Accuracy:

Radio Holland continues to excel in the realm of navigational accuracy with the following offerings:

  1. Saab R6 NAV PRO: Witness centimeter-level accuracy with the Saab R6 NAV PRO, the ultimate choice for marine navigation and DP position reference.
  2. Laser and Hydroacoustic Precision: Explore new dimensions in vessel positioning with centimeter-level accuracy, utilizing dynamic laser and hydroacoustic systems.

Managing the Basics: 

Radio Holland broadens its expertise beyond communication and DP, providing an exclusive glimpse into these fundamental control elements:

  1. Meteo Information: Discover wind sensor solutions that ensure optimized operations in various conditions.
  2.  Heading Reference: Choose from precision heading reference systems tailored to specific needs.
  3. Motion Reference: Experience uncompromising accuracy with Shipmotion IMU Motion Reference Units (MRUs) during critical operations.

Join Us at Offshore Europe 2023:

Radio Holland cordially invites all Offshore Europe 2023 attendees to visit Booth 2H21 to witness firsthand the innovations shaping the future of offshore operations.

Event Details:

  • Booth: 2H21
  • Date: 5-8 September 2023
  • Location: P&J Live, East Burn Road, Stoneywood, Aberdeen