Royal Huisman (1)

Special one

April 29 2024

The groundbreaking big fisher, Royal Huisman motor yacht Project 406, is unveiled as ‘Special One’ just before her first trials on the North Sea. The powerful hull of this unique vessel measures 52m / 171ft overall, and her towering profile accommodates six decks. These remarkable features not only make her the largest, but also the most luxurious and individually true sportfish yacht in the world: the ultimate expression of personal freedom.

Special One is designed for an experienced owner who is passionate about fishing. She is a unique vessel in many respects. Vripack Yacht Design is responsible for the exterior and interior design and naval architecture of this highly prestigious project. Her design is extremely distinctive, with a long bow and high bulwarks sweeping through a clear sheer to a low and uncluttered cockpit aft. The high tower offers outstanding views with a downward angle on the water for specialized fishing. Apart from its practical function, the tower also offers a superb viewing platform for guests, who can follow all the action below.

The world’s largest true sportfish yacht effortlessly blends the ultimate sports fishing experience with genuine superyacht scale, comfort, and refinement. Her Alustar® aluminum hull and superstructure offer strength and resilience, as well as the lighter weight that facilitates smooth and efficient passages from berth to fishing grounds. Not only is she the largest, but without a doubt, the most bespoke, finely appointed, meticulously engineered, and most impressive true sportfish yacht anywhere in the world, matching a typical bespoke Royal Huisman motor yacht. Special One will turn heads wherever she goes.