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Strategic partnership Reikon and TechBinder

December 22 2022

Reikon BV and TechBinder strengthen their partnership by signing a long-term cooperation deal. Complementary to the equipment delivered by Reikon, the remote monitoring tools and operational insights offered by TechBinder provide new abilities and opportunities for the maritime industry in sustainability and efficiency. For ship owners these digital solutions could pose increasing value due to the growing challenge to find, train and retain experts and consequently operations can be more efficient. The past two years Reikon has experimented with Smart Vessel Optimizer and Smart Field Support. The tools of TechBinder enable Reikon to improve its service and develop digital solutions for its customers. Both applications designed by TechBinder make remote monitoring of equipment on board of sea going vessels easily available. Reikon provides a solid organizational backbone, global support capabilities and comprehensive experience with maritime operations. Now both companies join forces in a rapidly changing #maritime environment to complement and enhance each other's qualities and intensify their collaboration.