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Vulnerability management added to vanir Endpoint

April 29 2024

Port-IT is excited to announce that its Endpoint security solution is recently updated with a Vulnerability Management capability. This add-on will enable maritime organizations to actively detect and address potential vulnerabilities in the software that they use, therefore strengthening its cyber resilience at sea.

With the growing complexity of maritime cybersecurity threats, the need for comprehensive endpoint security solutions has never been more critical. Traditional security measures often fall short in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities and notifying their users about them. As those vulnerabilities are more and more discovered in software, it is keen to detect them at an early stage and mitigate them before they can be exploited. Therefore, leading maritime cybersecurity provider Port-IT has added the feature of Vulnerability Management to its endpoint security solution. This add-on is included without any extra costs in every Endpoint security package.

The automated vulnerability scanning feature provides an additional layer of security to organizations that want to stop threats from out-of-date operating systems and applications, and shows the status of its endpoints, subscriptions, vulnerability & patch statuses. It seamlessly integrates with Port-IT’s Security Operations Center (SOC), enabling real-time monitoring and direct response to emerging threats. 

Port-IT continuously innovates and enhances its cybersecurity solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers. This addition empowers shipping companies to stay ahead of emerging risks, ensuring a proactive approach to cybersecurity that safeguards their systems onboard, and at the same time comply with industry regulations for newbuild ships IACS UR E26 and E27.