Nominees for the Maritime Innovation Award 2018 announced

The nominees for the Maritime Innovation Award have been announced. Three nominees were chosen from a record amount of submissions this year: Mampaey Offshore Industries with their Intelligent Dock Locking System, Veth propulsion with their Veth Integrated L-drive and Fleet Cleaner with their Fleet Cleaner.

The maritime sector seems to have maintained its large interest in Maritime Innovation, as shown by the 26 submissions to the award this year, and the jury’s job was to narrow it down to the three nominees. The six most impressive submissions were invited to give a presentation during the jury’s meeting. Based on this they eventually came to a decision about the three nominees. The final winner will be announced at the Maritime Awards Gala on 12 November this year.

Mampaey Offshore Industries’ Intelligent Dock Locking System is an automatic magnetic mooring system. It allows mooring procedures to be much quicker and safer, as well as being flexible and thus can be used on ships, terminals and harbors. The jury praised the maritime innovation, practical versatility and way in which the system increases on-board safety.

Veth Propulsion’s Veth Integrated L-drive is an extremely compact rudder propeller with an integrated magnetic motor. This propulsion installation can be steered 360 degrees round, it is low-noise, and it is highly efficient. Its compactness also means that it saves space, and it embraces the future of electrical sailing. The jury was impressed with the good design, the wide versatility and the way in which it responds to the current market.

Fleet Cleaner gets rid of waste products that accumulate on a ship’s exterior whilst the ship is loading or unloading in the harbor. This is done by a specially-designed robot so that shipping companies can save 5-10% of their fuel, as well as not needing any extra down-time. The jury thought that this design was impressive due to the inconvenient environment in which the system operates, and its efficient and environmentally-friendly operation in comparison with the conventional system of divers to clean a ship’s exterior.

For more information about the Maritime Innovation Award and the nominees, please contact Sander den Heijer, Sector Manager Netherlands Maritime Technology, at 088 88 44 51 036 or