Perfect Hull Expansions | The Masterclass

Let us show you how to do it properly!

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For a mechanical engineer, it is seemingly unimportant. But a shipbuilder enjoys it: making expansions for hull plates. If you do it right, you get a hull so faired you can use it as a mirror.

Building faired ships is already a challenge in itself. Don’t make it even more difficult for yourself. Invest in good expansions.

So, sit back for about 35 minutes and see how you can save time and costs in your daily engineering process with our AutoCAD based software.

We have 2 time slots available for the webinar:

Wednesday 2nd of February from 09.00 am (UTC +1)

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Thursday 3rd of February from 04.00 pm (UTC +1)

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Jacques Hoffmans – Director

Gijs van Beek – Software Developer


09.00 / 16.00: Introduction

09.10 / 16.10: Live demonstration

09.35 / 16.35: Q&A