Vessel protection during Corona

Ships that are laid up are susceptible to fouling, which can result in serious maintenance costs. Corrosion recently have launched their environmentally friendly UV-C light technology to protect coolers against fouling and they thought this could be a good option for vessels needing protection during the current (Covid 19) situation. With this new technology, the powerful UV light source protects every surface it comes into contact with.

More information

Corrosion is making this technology available for everybody. It can be fitted to protect any surface, as long as the light can reach it, for example: sea chests, propellers, the hull, thruster tunnels, strainers. It’s possible to lease lamps for just a week, or longer, depending on the needs. Clients will receive UV-C lamps, a power unit, and connection materials. It’s simple to install (and later uninstall). Unfortunately due to the current Covid 19 safety measures it’s not possible for Corrosion to do the installation for their clients, but they’re available to assist, 24/7.

UV-C light is a proven and highly effective anti-fouling technology that brings a lot of advantages, especially if your vessel is temporarily laid up.

For more information, contact Niels Ros at or +31 (0)6 55 48 97 21.