Would you like to know more about Short sea efficiency or Reducing carbon footprint?

During Europort 2019, a series of high profile Masterclasses are scheduled. Each Masterclass will target a specific maritime sector and offers an efficient and inspiring way to get the latest insights into smart technology and business, as top professionals and experts in their fields will share their knowledge and experiences. The Europort Masterclasses are jointly organized by Rotterdam Ahoy and Netherlands Maritime Technology.

Optimizing efficiency of short sea operations
Thursday 7 November, 10:00 – 13:30, incl. network lunch
During this Europort Masterclass you will learn from short sea industry experts about their vision on short sea operations in the future. What innovations are needed to optimize the efficiency of short sea operations? And how will digitalization help the industry in this process? The European short sea fleet consists of around 4.800 ships essential for the transport of freight within Europe. In order to comply with regulations and to stay competitive in the future, optimization is vital. Innovations that reduce costs and optimize the capacity of vessels. Digitalization opens a world of new opportunities in doing just that.

Reducing the carbon footprint of ferries and cruise ships
Friday 8 November, 10:00 – 13:30, incl. network lunch
Energy consumption of a ship is a significant contributor to the carbon footprint of cruise and ferry operators. In this Europort Masterclass experts from both cruise and ferry markets, share their perspective on the importance of sustainability for the growth of their industry. Why does the carbon footprint matter to ship owners? And what solutions in terms of propulsion, energy management and route optimization can reduce this? Passenger comfort and safety, fuel efficiency and sustainability are top of mind in the cruise and ferry market. For operators, energy efficiency is vital to their business.


  • Attendance costs per Masterclass are € 125, – (excl. VAT).
  • If you register for all four Masterclasses a special all-in fee of € 375, – (excl. VAT) applies.
  • Full time students will be able to apply for a discounted fee of € 25, – (excl. VAT) per Masterclass. The cost of attendance includes entrance to the exhibition and a network reception or lunch.

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