Ecoshield still in excellent condition on rudder after 10 years

Ten years after Ecoshield was applied on the rudder of a container ship, the vessel docked in Indonesia. The coating was still in excellent condition and only small touch-ups were needed. Ecoshield will keep on protecting this rudder against cavitation and corrosion damage.

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The rudder of another container vessel from the same owner was given the same treatment recently. He now has over 50 of his vessels sailing with Ecoshield on their rudders. The recent docking in Indonesia confirmed once more that Ecoshield is the best possible way to protect your rudders against cavitation and corrosion damage.

Different owners, different ship types, same lasting result
Over the last months the running gear of a number of other ships, including some new builds, was also coated with Ecoshield. It will be safeguarded for the entirety of these vessels’ lifetime. No repaint will be needed during future drydockings.

Suited for newbuilds and existing vessels
Protection of the running gear of your ships is best begun at the newbuild phase. When a ship comes into drydock, maintenance of its stern area, especially cavitation and corrosion damage repair, can take a long time. There are strict procedures concerning blasting, painting, welding and propeller and stern tube seal work. Painting is then assigned to the end of the schedule. As a consequence it may be rushed or not done at all or else prolong the stay in drydock.

With an Ecoshield application one can avoid these problems from day one. At the most, quick and easy touch-ups amounting to less than 1% of the surface area will be required. Planning the maintenance of the vessel’s stern area therefore becomes much easier.

The newbuild phase is the perfect time to apply Ecoshield. However, the coating can also be used to protect vessels that have been in service for some time and are already facing cavitation and corrosion damage.

Ecoshield’s flexibility makes it easy to adapt the application schedule to the rest of the activities at the shipyard or drydock in a way which does not interfere with them. Overcoating time can be as short as three hours, which means that for smaller surfaces such as rudders or bow thrusters the two coats required can usually be applied in one single day.

Groundbreaking protection for all running gear
Besides offering rudder protection, Ecoshield is also suitable for thrusters, azimuth thrusters, azipods, thruster nozzles, Kort nozzles, thruster tunnels and other underwater ship gear which needs special protection from corrosion. The extra strength coating protects these areas for the service life of the ship. There is no need for recoating or major repair.