Nominees for the Dutch Maritime Designer Award 2018 have been announced

The nominees for the Dutch Maritime Designer Award 2018 have now been announced. Out of the many submissions the jury nominated the following two designers: Gijsbert van Marrewijk (Berthan Research) with a study on the application of T-foils under fast ships and Roy de Winter (C-Job Naval Architects & Engineers) with a method to accelerate the ship design process.

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The Maritime Designer Award is aimed at individual designers, PhD students, recent graduates and startups who want to make their work and their approach known. The Cooperating Maritime Funds provide the winner with a maximum amount of € 24,000 to financially stimulate further development of the relevant design method or solution. The final winner will be announced at the Maritime Awards Gala in Amsterdam on 12 November this year.

Gijsbert van Marrewijk has developed and tested a new system for controlling T-foils in his research and development project for the ‘Solar Boat Single Track Hydrofoil’. For this type of foil, the resistance losses are much lower than the usual foil configurations. A special feature of this system is its stabilization method, which makes the system easy to operate both in calm waters and in waves. The system’s safe navigation has been demonstrated by means of tests. He is currently investigating the first practical application of this system together with the Rotterdam Water Taxi.

Roy de Winter has been able to carry out a demonstrable acceleration of the design trajectory with the ‘Accelerated Concept Design’ method. His application of insights from mathematical optimization techniques is an example of the innovative nature of his design. As a result, many fewer iterations are needed, making the optimization process faster. This application is used in the design activities of C-Job to determine better optimal solutions in the usually short time available for the design.

For more information about the Maritime Designer Award and the nominees, please contact Marnix Krikke, Innovation & Human Capital Director Netherlands Maritime Technology, via +31 (0)88 88 44 51 031 or