TrustLube lubrication system saves environment and lubricant cost on large jackup

This year TrustLube Sustainable Lubrication Systems has retrofitted a large jack-up that has been updated from an offshore supply vessel to a windmill installation platform. Before starting this transformation, the one thing was known for certain, lubricating by hand would no longer be an option.

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The reasons why TrustLube had been chosen to install their automatic lubrication are the reliability of the system, the fact that the grease dosage does not change with temperature, TrustLube offered an alternative to the conventional spraying systems and last but not least the proposed savings of 70% in lubricant use.

After the first 150 jackings during windmills installation TrustLube has done a survey to check the automatic greasing systems on board. The system starts and stops automatically and the Xtreme Rack & Pinion grease sticks to the teeth, even under water. Amazingly the savings on lubricant has not been 70% but an incredible 89%. The contribution to corporate social responsibility is therefore enormous. To indicate the impact: only 25 liters of Xtreme Rack & Pinion is used per jacking in total.

TrustLube is currently exhibiting on the GoGreen pavilion at stand 2402 where she is showing her Sustainable Lubrication System, the environmentally friendly Rack & Pinion grease and a sustainable alternative to rusting barrels, the Grease Bag.