Underwater rudder operation in Dubai

Hydrex as contacted by the owner of a 193-meter roro ship to secure both rudders of the vessel. This would allow the OEM to safely perform repairs on the rudders from inside the engine room. A team of the company’s divers therefore mobilized to Jebel Ali, Dubai to perform the operation during the ship’s stop.

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The manufacturer needed to work on both rudders and they needed to be disconnected for this. Hydrex divers made sure that the rudders would stay in position during the repair.

First the team took the weight off the rudders. Next they locked them in the neutral position. The team took the exact measurements needed during an underwater inspection. The required material was fabricated the Hydrex diver/technicians on-site.

The OEM could then safely disconnect the rudders from the engine room and perform the required work on the steering gear.

When the manufacturer had finished their repairs, the divers removed the material used to fix the rudders in position.

This concluded the operation. The owner could sail his vessel with two fully working rudders. Thanks to the team of Hydrex underwater specialists, the OEM was able to perform their work knowing that the rudders would remain safely in position. Because the divers performed the operation on-site and underwater, the ship could stay out of drydock and on schedule.