Alfa Laval Nijmegen BV

The marine industry is changing with ever increasing speed, especially when it comes to new demands concerning energy efficiency and environmental protection. Alfa Laval has the solutions and expertise you need to stay ahead: environmental protection, oil treatment, cooling & heating, steam & heat generation, waste heat recovery, tank cleaning, safety, and desalination. At Alfa Laval Nijmegen, we have the right expertise and experience when it comes to gas treatment systems.


Inert Gas Systems

Our solutions ensure safety on board in the form of our Inert Gas Systems portfolio. These ensure a safe operation for tankers and gas carriers. We develop our Inert Gas systems in the most sustainable way possible, without compromising safety and quality.

Exhaust Gas Cleaning systems

We offer a variety of solutions for exhaust gas cleaning and emission control. Our PureSOx systems reduce SOx emissions while allowing shipowners to operate using the more economical HFO. We also offer PureCool systems, which increase efficiency and reduce methane slip of engines using gas as fuel. We continuously improve these systems and develop new applications to further reduce emissions, no matter which fuels our customers use.


Our Service organization supports our customers through tailor-made service agreements. These let our customers mitigate risk at a yearly fee. Our customers also count on our Alfa Laval Marine service network, which provides 24/7 service & support, no matter where they sail.

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