Ampak BV

Ampak® is the globally known brand for cathodic corrosion protection. It is synonymous with high-quality anodes and Ampak’s complete and long-term expertise in the field of design, production and application of corrosion prevention systems. Our company closely cooperates with major ship-owners, the maritime and offshore (wind) industry, port authorities and maritime design companies.


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Depending on the environment, the size, type of construction and the time until the next scheduled maintenance, Ampak® offers different cathodic protection systems. As a general rule we recommend selecting anodes suitable for the water the vessel regularly operates in.

Ampak® Technology Portfolio

  • Standard sacrificial zinc, aluminium and magnesium anodes
  • Impressed Current Corrosion Protection Systems (ICCP)
  • Impressed Current Anti-fouling systems (MGPS / ICAF)
  • Anodes spares for ICCP systems (power units, anodes, refence electrodes, etc.)
  • Anode spares for MGPS / ICAF systems (power units, copper anodes, etc.)
  • Services and corrosion inspections
  • Design and advice on corrosion control by cathodic protection

Ampak® Special Casting
Because Ampak® has our own foundry where we cast sacrificial Anodes we can also cast special castings on your demand. What do we mean by special casting? Special castings are castings which we have made from an example, from a sketch or from a drawing. Actual castings can be completely modified to your wishes. Ask us about your custom needs!

Ampak® Quality Control
Ampak® has its own fully equipped laboratory with Optical Emission Spectography for analyzing different materials and the facility to do duration tests on materials. We constantly look for ways to improve our products and to make sure our products are one of the best in the market.

Ampak® Products are made in the Netherlands
Ampak® has its own fully equipped foundry in the Netherlands. We make it our mission to produce high quality products and choose to do so in Europe where we can ensure full compliance with international regulations and can ensure speedy international delivery without you having to wait for months to get shipments from low wage countries where quality is not ensured.