Flying Fish

At Flying Fish we boost maritime innovations


Johan Schonebaum
Schieweg 15D
2627AN, Delft

Our mission is to make impact on the world by developing sustainable solutions of high technical quality. We work as an engineering company for and with other companies. Flying Fish was founded in 2018 by alumni from the TU Delft Solar Boat team. We are now 14 young, ambitious and talented engineering professionals with strong ideals for a more sustainable world. These are our fields of expertise:

Electric drivetrains

Electrical drivetrains are essential for the energy transition in the naval sector. The drivetrain that we developed operates at an efficient DC voltage range of +/- 700V and power up to 500kW. Our system can be used in a hydrogen and battery electric system. We provide custom solutions for all ships in a power range between 20 and 500kW, new and in retro-fit.

We designed the full electrical drivetrain of the first hydrogen fuelled Watertaxi for Rotterdam, to be deployed early in 2022.

Hydrofoil solutions

Hydrofoil boats have as main advantages reduced energy consumption at higher speeds, more comfort, less noise, less wave production and spectacular sailing. We developed multiple hydrofoils in the past. One of which is HEARP; a remote control hydrofoil boat (+/- 1.2 meter) for TU Delft, designed to test various control algorithms and hydrofoil configurations. Our own-built HOST (Hydrofoil Optimization and Simulation Tool) facilitates development of hydrofoil systems based on strong theoretical understanding and real-time simulations with pilot input. We are actively researching new control methods for foiling.

Data collection and digitalisation

With our DyNaMo (Dynamic Naval Monitoring) platform, we can collect, store and process all sensor data from ships. The databox (MOSbox) that we developed for DyNaMo has its own sensors and can be connected to other sensors through CANbus communication. As part of DyNaMo we offer custom user apps and we develop AI-algorithms.

We developed the End-to-End digitalisation and automation of the operations and logistics of Watertaxi Rotterdam,From data collection and visualisation to a booking and customer app, and everything in between.