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Geberit fotoGeberit is the clear-cut brand for piping systems with over 125 years of innovation, technical expertise and integrated systems. Geberit system technology stands for the smart connection of individual components for constructing a complete piping system – whether for household, industrial or trade use. Our permanently leak-proof pipe joints also have many applications in the shipbuilding and offshore sectors. Shipyards, shipping companies and system suppliers have trusted Geberit in these areas for over 20 years. Whether it be in engine rooms, in heating and air-conditioning systems or even as entire sanitary technology solutions, Geberit’s pressing systems cover a multitude of applications and requirements.


Arjan Schevers
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Geberit – our expertise in shipbuilding

From private yachts to passenger vessels to offshore projects, Geberit offers many solutions for supplying and draining off various media. Connections in Geberit piping systems can be pressed in just a few steps, where before labour-intensive welding, screwing or soldering were required. The Geberit advantage for shipbuilders: thin-walled system pipes of metal or plastic (multilayer) can be pressed into a system to reduce overall weight significantly. A variety of media, including fresh water, seawater, compressed air, fuels and oils can be transported through our systems.

Our systems are easy, quick, clean, efficient and space-saving to press. Machinery and plant availability are virtually unaffected. The Geberit system is especially safe thanks to defined leak paths where unpressed connections always show visible leaks during the pressure test at the latest. Innovative pressing indicators surrounding all pressing contours of the Mapress fittings enable unpressed connections to be identified even before the pressure test. The usual problems and hazards, such as the risk of fire when welding, are not a problem during installation of Geberit systems.