Heila Cranes Nederland BV

HLRM 240-2S_ HERMAN SR _ Multicat 2611From January 2015 Double D Marine Equipment B.V. continues by the name Heila Cranes Nederland B.V.


Henk Gennissen
Zijlweg 5
F +31 (0) 416 65 07 57

Heila Cranes NL is the sales center of Heila Cranes marine and offshore cranes in North Europe. Besides these cranes Heila Cranes NL also supplies a complete range of marine equipment and accessoires such as hydraulic winch systems, constant tension winches, hydraulic power units, hydraulic grabs, remote control systems etc. Worldwide the company provides service activities and supplies spare parts. Heila Cranes NL is specialized in overhaul, repair, testing and inspections of all Heila cranes and other brands in their service center at Waalwijk or on location. Cranes and equipment are designed specifically to operate in the harshest marine conditions. Heila Cranes manufactures marine and offshore cranes, standard as well as custom built. These cranes are mainly installed on tug-, workboats, PSV’s, FCS’s, AHTS, pipe-cable laying vessels and cargo ships. In the offshore business the cranes are used with anchor handling, laying and coupling of cables and pipelines.