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Heat transfer fluid systems: the expertise of Konutherm

Konutherm has more than half a century of experience in the design of high-quality systems for heat transfer through thermal fluid for the offshore and marine industries. Konutherm is a leading specialist in high-performance systems. We are able to serve you at all levels and comply with suitable advice, and relevant certifications. Our staff guides you to an optimal, custom made design for your thermal fluid heating system. In addition to the design and installation of a new thermal oil system, we can be of service with modification and optimization of your existing system, even if this concerns a system from another supplier. Our engineers have all the required knowledge and skills to perform the required periodic inspections, maintenance, defects, and repairs quickly and professionally. Common parts can be delivered directly from our own stock. We are eager do everything within our possibilities to solve unexpected technical failures quickly and efficiently. Are you looking for an energy-efficient, safe and problem-free thermal fluid heater, professional advice and personal guidance? We welcome you to the right place, welcome to Konutherm!

Typical advantages of the Konutherm thermal fluid heater:

+ high efficiency heater for continuous use
+ exhaust gas heater designed for maximum waste heat recovery
+ no dump cooler needed thanks to ingenious exhaust gas valve system
+ system components well sized and of high quality
+ custom 3D design
+ long life with minimal maintenance
+ no cracking / degradation of thermal oil

Konutherm is represented around the world in The Netherlands, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, Turkey, India, Russia and the United States.
You can find our systems on board of all kinds of offshore, seagoing and inland vessels. Visit our website to download a relevant list of references.