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Marine_210x297_September 2011.inddKTR couplings are on the high seas all over the world and are used in various applications for marine technology: in main and auxiliary drives and every kind of deck equipment. Nearly all our couplings can be certified in accordance with most classification bureaus and are approved to DIN EN 10204 standard.


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Full manoeuvrability for steering drives

Bow thrusters, rear rudders and transverse rudders require couplings, that dampen torsional vibrations, such as our ROTEX®. The ROTEX® coupling is easy to assemble and operate and is maintenance free.

ROTEX® compensates for axial, radial and angular displacements, increasing the service life of the entire drive system. Thermo management for marine hydraulics KTR offers oil-air as well as oil-water coolers being resistant to aggressive seawater. The OAC is a high-power oil-air cooler and for higher we can offer TAK/T oil-water coolers.

Power and safety on board

On IC-engines driven hydraulic power packs our flange couplings BoWex®-ELASTIC and BoWex® FLE-PA and on pumps and compressors our torsional stiff steel lamina couplings RADEX®-N or RIGIFLEX®-N are often used. New is our high-power brake system KTR-STOP® designed for cranes, winches and rudder shafts.

KTR continuously develops new solutions for marine technology. Simply contact us and we will design the right solution!