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Based on comprehensive knowledge and long time experience Newthex aims for global technology leadership in the development and manufacturing of maritime doors, hatches and elevators. Newthex offers a total package of doors and hatches, be it weather, splash, water or gas tight, be it shock, fi re or pirate proof. Newthex products and services are supplied to mega yachts, naval ships, merchant ships, offshore vessels and platforms. All Newthex products are engineered and manufactured with great care and craftsmanship.

Why NewThex

• Newthex offers in depth knowledge to owners, designers and shipyards in order to develop aesthetic, effi cient and effective solutions for doors, hatches and elevators.
• Newthex is experienced in the delivery of certificated products. Extensive paperwork for quality systems is handled efficiently.
• Newthex is a total envelop partner with an assortment of standard, customized and tailor made products.
• Newthex doors, hatches and elevators are easy to handle, reliable, durable, low maintenance and are delivered turnkey and in time.
• The employees of Newthex have a no nonsense attitude and do their utmost to establish long lasting pleasurable relationships.