Sastech BV

Consultancy in marine technology


F. Sas
Meerwijk 23A
9475 TC , Midlaren

Specialised in:

  • Innovations, Research and Development
  • Trouble shooting
  • Spreadsheet solutions

Expert knowledge of the various specialisations in Marine Technology enables SasTech to have “the solution for your problem“ from any of the following workfields.

  • Strength and vibrations of constructions
  • Fatigue and fracture mechanics
  • Noise
  • Resistance and propulsion of ships
  • Manoeuvring
  • Sea keeping

In situ research and measurements will restrict problems and direct solutions. Dedicated instruments such as a 2 cannel FFT analyser for noise and vibrations are available.

Problems are controlled by the translation of the physics into relevant formulas. Appropriate level of accuracy is used ranging from rules of thumb, dedicated spreadsheets, and expert computer programs such as Finite Element Models and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Dedicated courses are provided for the various specialisations to ensure that solutions stick.

Since April 2002 you can use the expert knowledge of SasTech.BV

For Yachts, Tankers, Container Vessel, Inland Vessels, Dredgers, Tugs, catamarans etc. Displacement and planning ships.