Scheepswerf Kooiman Hoebée BV

Complete service; from new building to repair.

Since its establishment in1815, Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee has built up an excellent reputation within the Dutch shipping industry.


Merwedestraat 56
F +31 (0) 78 614 92 88

The shipyard is equipped with a brand new and innovative transverse slipway on which vessels up to 150 m can be lifted and multiple vessels can be parked simultaneously. It also has extensive outfitting / repair quays with sufficient lifting facilities.

Any required activity on board of various vessels can be executed. On a regular basis jobs are performed on coasters, dredgers, (double-walled) tankers, dry cargo ships, barges, tugboats, pontoons and other floating objects.
Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee is situated at the 1st Merwedehaven in Dordrecht and easily accessible from the river Rhine. In-house we have a shipbuilding department, a machine shop, a carpentry’s and an electrical workshop. The yard has access to its own design office.
Our shipyard is well equipped to perform newbuilding, modifications and any kind of repairs in a fast, qualified and efficient manner. This involves repair of (complex) damages, conversions, re-engining and classification surveys.