Technoship BV

Technoship has been supplier for the ship- and yachtbuilding industry since 1969. A full range and flexible services are offered. From consultancy, design and installation to maintenance and repairs of Ultra Fog high pressure water mist systems, Steen deck machinery (incl. anchors, chain and chain rollers), life boats and underdeck davit systems.


B. Bakker
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Technoship fotoTechnoship is the exclusive representative for:

  • K. Chr. Steen GmbH&Co., (since 1893), world’s leading manufacturer of custom designed deck machinery such as anchoring, mooring and towing equipment as well as special constructions for yachts, naval vessels, special crafts and cargo vessels. Complete, safe and innovative design solutions are offered for any type of vessel regardless of size.
  • Ultra Fog AB, by far the most effective and efficient high-pressure watermist fire-fighting system in the world. Tested and approved for e.g. IMO A.800 and 265 (accommodation, stores and service areas), IMO 847 (activation by detectors as alternative to glass bulbs), IMO 1165 and 1165 (machinery spaces), IMO 913 (local protection), IMO 1272 (RoRo and special category spaces), 1268 (Balconies), FM5560 (Turbine enclosures) and IMO 15371 (galley cooking and fat fryer systems). With its touch screen graphic control panel, the Ultra Fog system is a sole independent high-pressure watermist system providing full information on all actions and alarms wherever and whenever needed. Providing you safety when and where it matters.

Technoship is manufacturer of:

  • GT-sliding underdeck davit systems. First developed (and patented in 1975) enabling the storage of tenders under deck, requiring only very limited space. All GT-davit systems are custom designed and are nearly maintenance-free system.
  • Technoship square bronze chain rollers which prevent the wear and tear of anchor chains and ensures a smoother movement of the chain over the rollers and a significantly longer life span for your chain. An elegant and cost effective solution.