VeKa Group BV

veka fotoComplete Shipbuilding all over the world

In the Netherlands and abroad, the VEKA Group of Werkendam is one of the main players in the field of complete turnkey construction and outfitting of a broad range of vessels. The group is also involved in the buying, selling and brokerage of the vessels. From this core business, it develops a host of activities that lead to an all-round logistical cluster, both for inland and sea shipping.This is always done on the basis of the key vision that the strictest quality requirements are met.


Biesboschhaven Zuid 11
F +31 (0) 183 50 56 60

Turnkey construction and outfitting:

• Double-walled chemical tankers in type C (various dimensions)
• Container ships (various dimensions)
• Well barges (various dimensions)
• Seagoing vessels (various dimensions/ also multi-purpose)
• Towboats, tugs, harbour tugs (in any desired bollard pull)
• Seagoing container feeders, with or without ice class (from 350 TEU)
• Luxurious Rhine passenger vessels (86-135 m) classes 3- to 5-star

Push barges and pontoons Asset management:

• Own issuing office/ investments in tanker and container shipping forinland and sea shipping