Verhaar Omega BV


de heer M. Verhaar
Industriekade 28
2172 HW, Sassenheim, NL
F +31 (0) 252 22 81 84

Verhaar Omega recognises that the success of commercial vessels depends largely on their reliability. Downtime due to equipment failure is simply unacceptable, which is why all the company’s products are designed to last the lifetime of the vessel on which they are installed. Thanks to well over four decades of experience in the marine industry, Verhaar Omega has earned its reputation for outstanding quality and reliability. Today over 4500 vessels sail the world with Verhaar Omega products onboard.

Verhaar Omega has three subsidiaries:

(1) Verhaar Omega offers an extensive range of manoeuvring and propulsion equipment such as thrusters and drives for inland and seagoing vessels. Its latest innovation is a new series of highly efficient and costeffective POD drives (V-POD®).

(2) Verhaar Omega Air & Nitrogen offers a full range of nitrogen generator systems and compressed air systems. In 2011 it introduced the FLEX-IG® nitrogen generator, a compact single frame plug-and-play unit that is ideal for refits and smaller engine rooms.

(3) Verhaar Omega Equipment offers a full range of supplementary products related to the core businesses.