Success story with the Pioneering Spirit – the world’s largest ship

Peplink shared their success story with the Pioneering Spirit, the world’s largest ship, on ‘Hier aan de Kust’. Hier aan de Kust is a 9-episode TV news programme that explores the latest maritime innovations and technologies along the Dutch and Belgium coast. The episode was broadcast on Sunday, July 24, from 15:30 to 16:00 on SBS 6. Read the full success story here.

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With gross tonnage measuring in at 403,342 GT and a lifting capacity of 48,000 tons, the Pioneering Spirit is by far world’s largest crane vessel. Its length measures 382 meters – same as the Empire State Building in height. Equipped with such immense lifting power, it is set to take on the world’s most challenging lifting projects out in the seas. Recently the UK government approved the decommissioning of Shell’s 24,000 ton oil rig known as the Brent Delta. Located 115 miles off the coast in the North Sea, the environment is guaranteed to be harsh and the waves to be rough. Shell considered cutting the platform into small manageable blocks but with the Pioneering Spirit, it is now possible to carry out the operation with a single lift, keeping topside refurbishment costs economical.