Ballast Water Management System Mobile from Bawat

6 april 2021

The Ballast Water Management System Mobile from Bawat, for ports, terminals, shipyards and service providers, can be viewed on location at AMW-Marine in Dordrecht. The mobile BAWAT ballast water treatment unit is completely housed in one container. This unit is easy to connect to the ballast water pipes of the pontoon or ship. Using the ship’s ballast pump, the ballast water is simply pumped through the unit. BAWAT BWMS is based on a unique patented technology of pasteurisation of the ballast water. When the ballast water has passed the BAWAT system, the ballast water fully complies with the IMO criteria for the discharge of ballast water. BAWAT Mobile BWMS:
  • The container unit is easy to move, connect and operate.
  • No filters are needed.
  • One-time treatment – no waiting time.
  • Independent of salinity, turbidity and temperature.
  • No chemicals or UV required.
  • The required energy is reused via a plate heat exchanger and only little fuel (MDO) is needed for the treatment.
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