Project update: YN 20750 Project Orion - Cristiano Gatto interior design revealed.

12 december 2022

  • Exterior by Omega, interior by Cristiano Gatto Design
  • 50-metre, all-aluminium, sub-500GT
  • Ultra-efficient FDHF, hybrid propulsion
  • Bahamas-friendly shallow draft of 2.15m
  • Twelve guests in six cabins
As NASA’s Orion spacecraft makes its triumphant return from the Moon, Heesen Yachts is delighted to unveil the first visuals of the stellar interior spaces of its 50-metre Project Orion, YN 20750. Cristiano Gatto and his team have been working closely with the shipyard’s engineers to create an interior that is not only unique to this very special yacht but also reflects and complements its progressive exterior lines, capitalising on the floor-to-ceiling windows and open bulwarks. “The interior style of Project Orion is the result of our research moved by matching and partially contrasting needs: comfort in luxury.” Commented Cristiano Gatto. We have combined construction details and opulent materials to use as Crown Jewels that refine the space whilst making sure it stays cosy and comfortable. We have used shapes and materials that exude comfort and serenity whilst showcasing a refined atmosphere where materials, their combination, details and shapes highlight the uniqueness and exclusivity of this bespoke yacht interiors. We hope that the owners, their family and friends, will be able to feel the passion that moved us while designing this project which is - for me - contemporary in a whole new way.” Every aspect of the yacht’s interior was evaluated from every angle to make the best out of Orion’s 499 GT internal volume. Materials and furniture construction are being engineered to reduce weight, ease installation and streamline the maintenance of concealed equipment – a process that benefits immeasurably from the long-standing relationship between this acclaimed Italian designer and the shipyard’s interior engineers. Artisans and craftspeople at Heesen Yachts Interiors are responsible for all aspects of the internal construction and finish, which involves more than 37 different materials, including high gloss woods, woven leather, marbles and custom carpets. Project Orion belongs to Heesen’s advanced 50-metre FDHF aluminium series. The shipyard was a pioneer of series production in superyachts at the beginning of the century and has continuously invested in research and development to ensure its yachts remain at the forefront of technological innovation. With its hybrid power systems, the 50-metre FDHF series is the highest expression of Heesen’s philosophy and construction capabilities. Orion’s hybrid installation will deliver both a silent cruising capability and flexible power management for maximum energy efficiency. Lightweight aluminium, precision-welded to the highest tolerances with meticulous weight control by Heesen’s in-house team, combined with an ultra-efficient Fast Displacement Hull Form, allow a compact machinery package to provide optimum propulsion efficiency throughout the speed range. Two MTU 12V 2000 M61 (IMO III) of just 600kW each will deliver a top speed of 16.3 knots, while at 12 knots Orion will consume just 98 litres per hour, excluding hotel load. At ten knots in hybrid mode, fuel consumption falls to just 45 litres per hour. These are truly outstanding figures for a luxurious 50-metre yacht displacing 295 tons. Project Orion’s construction continues on schedule. The yacht is available for sale, with a delivery timetabled for February 2025. Thanks to its solid financial position, Heesen is a leader in the construction of luxury yachts on speculation ranging from 50 to 57 meters. Shortening the delivery time while maintaining top-notch Dutch quality is highly appreciated by today’s clients and is an integral part of Heesen’s commercial success.