Simwave invest in Scoutbase, looking to create synergies with Simwave, transafe and scoutbase

27 juni 2022

Simwave B.V.  announces that it has issued and placed new shares in Scoutbase through the Dutch company Progress Shipping B.V., the holding company of Simwave & Transafe. With the investment, Scoutbase can further invest in its technology and its services by focusing on crew welfare. "With this investment and new shareholder, we are able to further drive the Human Sustainability agenda as well as further improve our technology and services, such as our Scoutbase Plus Service which includes mini interventions & the support of a specialist Clinical Psychologist’ says Mads Ragnvald Nielsen, CEO & Co Founder of Scoutbase. The Scoutbase solution automatically collects anonymous feedback from seafarers and shore-based personnel on safety-critical issues from mental health to crew engagement that provides unique real-time insights across fleets to bring the quality of operations to a higher standard. "This new proactive approach to uncover risks is a natural extension to our more conventional products and solutions in our competency and compliance services. It is the latest technology to consider in optimization of maritime operations. Scoutbase ties in well with our philosophy when it comes to competency management where we are always striving to meet the needs of seafarers and their organizations to drive their business to the next level. These insights can also be generated via Scoutbase from the customers we already work with in our training facilities, which allows us to meet our customers precise needs and deliver bespoke training to seafarers through the Scoutbase interface on board" says Marcel Kind. What the COVID-19 pandemic has underlined as well as the war in Ukraine, is the impact of the conditions on board on seafarers and their families. Thus, the industry has enhanced its focus on seafarer's human sustainability and the need to act. However, it can be very challenging for ship operators to keep a finger on the pulse in relation to the dynamics of creating the right balance between work and life on board a ship and the challenges seafarers are confronted with daily. This is especially the case in larger and widely distributed fleets. Scoutbase has developed a technological solution that makes it easy to continuously monitor leading indicators of factors that may affect safety, productivity, and wellbeing onboard. Indicators that if go undiscovered and not addressed, result in human or material disaster. In close to real-time, the Scoutbase platform reveals the conditions on board that are generated directly by the crew, which allows maritime organizations using Scoutbase to work systematically to continuously improve, and proactively better the conditions in which seafarers need to perform. The collected insights from the Scoutbase platform can be used in various aspects within maritime operations, to qualify decisions and improve the overall quality of decision making. Scoutbase is already an active player in the maritime industry with a foothold in the tanker segment, and expanding to other segments of the industry, including shoreside operations. By utilizing the expertise of Simwave in relation to competency management & training and Transafe’s expertise in compliance management, Scoutbase can take the next step in further developing the Scoutbase Plus Service to meet the industries needs with a total-solution.