We are on a mission – MIRAI

15 augustus 2022

At JRC | Alphatron Marine we want to go all the way, every day. And in our view, there is only one way to do this: by making a difference for our customers and using all our passion, expertise, and drive for their success. Through our leading position in bridge integration and innovation, we offer our customers worldwide state-of-the-art maritime solutions to responsibly and efficiently use the increasing potential of the maritime industry. In this way, we contribute to the future of the market and our customers. We call this mission and vision MIRAI. MIRAI is the Japanese word for ‘future’; a future promise we make to everyone who works with us. MIRAI stands for Maritime Ownership, Innovation, Reliability, Autonomous, and Integration. It's about understanding the work of shipping and shipbuilding, understanding the feelings of the people who work in the industry, and understanding the responsibilities and needs of our customers and partners. Read more about each part of our MIRAI project below:

Maritime ownership:

With over 100 years of experience and responsibilities in the shipping industry – contributing to the safe navigation of more than 10,000 vessels – we can say that JRC | Alphatron Marine has quite a history. Therefore, it is important that we understand the thoughts and responsibilities of seafarers and superintendents and can support them professionally.


Technology and market innovation are the activities of JRC | Alphatron Marine. We maximize skillful methods from the customer's perspective. Innovation is not just a product, but all the services and support we provide are solutions for our customers. Our goal is to have our customers assess the value of the solution and that they need us as the best business partner out there.


When it comes to reliability, it's not just about our product itself. We want to be a reliable business partner that our customers can rely on at any time, anywhere. In practice, this means non-stop service, a global network, zero claims, selected partners for service, system integration, and seamless support from our suppliers.


The future means autonomous navigation, or realistically; "manned automation". By this, we mean smart decision support to promote the maximum automation of navigation equipment. We have to keep in mind that people will still operate the ships and pursue the convenience of a user-friendly interface and redundancy. In the coming years, JRC | Alphatron Marine was inspired by a concept of smart ship navigation under the slogan "The Human Touch in Technology".


And the last letter of MIRAI is the I of Integration, as systems get more sophisticated and complicated. Integration through collaboration and sharing innovative ideas with external partners will continue to expand our expertise in navigation systems. These are the values for our future. We would like to explain this new mission to you better by means of a video series. Here we will explain each part of MIRAI. Watch the introduction of MIRAI in the video below. Link video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDcwQUOaRuk Follow us on social media or keep an eye on our news page for more MIRAI updates.