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Power, control and service. Those are the three key words for ABB Marine & Turbocharging. Because they describe exactly what we want to provide for your vessel: an excellent power source, sensitive control and all-embracing service. That’s what has made us into what we are today: the one-stop address for all your vessels day in, day out. Isn’t that what it’s all about, providing customer service? That’s the added value provided by ABB Marine & Turbocharging. Whether at sea or on land, the products of ABB Marine & Turbocharging represent a powerful force in the shipping and offshore industries. Working in close co-operation with leading manufacturers of engines, shipbuilders and customers, ABB Marine & Turbocharging is able to bring new capabilities to wide-ranging propulsion, power applications and automation systems.Automation systems: – Alarm & monitoring (ALSY III) – Propulsion Control (FAHM III/FAMP III) – Governor Control (DEGO III) – Bilge & Ballast control – Electric propulsion systems => Azipod® – E-motors – Generators – Power management – Switch gears (LV, MV, HV) – Turbochargers => TPS and TPL – Variable speed drivesalert (”lorem”)

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