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Combimac BV

COMBIMAC, founded in 1919, is a supplier of electrical prime movers. For many years COMBIMAC has been a prominent supplier, deriving its leading position from the following product groups:– special electric motors – industrial and special fansThanks to the high quality standards, proven over many years, COMBIMAC’s has become an established subcontractor for many companies. COMBIMAC’s electric motors are installed in vessels of many Navies and various industrial installations worldwide. The following types of electric motors can be manufactured:– synchronous and asynchronous alternating current motors – single phase alternating current motors – direct current motors – low magnetic motors – strayfield compensated motors – (sea) water cooled motors – permanent magnet motorsThe following features can also be incorporated into this range:– shock protected and vibration resistant – flameproof, increased safety, non sparking (ATEX) – low noise and vibration – water or oil cooledFurthermore COMBIMAC both design and manufacture their own wide range of industrial and special fans, including:– centrifugal fans – circulation fans – material handling fansCOMBIMAC are well-equipped to manufacture custom-build electric motors and fans to suit individual customer’s applications and requirements. In order to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications, COMBIMAC can offer products manufactured from a wide variety of materials.

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