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CompositesNL represents the interests of all organisations in the Netherlands that are involved in the development, manufacture, maintenance, and reuse of products in which composite technology has played a part. CompositesNL does this by promoting the use of composite products, by expanding their applications and improving their acceptance. Composite products have value to offer society, for the corporate sector, government authorities and consumers alike.At the JEC World 2019, the sector presented the National Composites Collaboration Agenda, in close cooperation between the private sector, the public sector, research institutions, and the top sectors HTSM and Chemistry. For the first time, the innovation activities in the Netherlands have been combined in a single agenda at a national level, creating more unity and improved mutual alignment, putting the Dutch composites sector internationally in a stronger position.Additionally, the National Composites Collaboration Agenda aims to achieve even better collaboration. Composites involve many industries, with applications in many market sectors, from aerospace to deep-sea offshore, from maritime to automotive, and from bridges to consumer products. All these applications require the use of different materials, designs and production technologies, of course, but the various parties also face similar challenges. We can also learn a lot by collaborating across industry borders.

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