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Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam


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Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam (DSAm), part of Damen Shiprepair & Conversion, is located in Amsterdam North. The yard is well-known and respected throughout the maritime industry. DSAm is easily accessible as there is no need to pass through locks or constricted waterways. The Amsterdam location handles vessels of up to 250 meters in length. The yard is based around four dry docks, all being equipped with ample cranage ranging from 15 to 90 tonnes, and the yard has 1170 meter of repair berths available. Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam is equipped with excellent facilities capable of meeting the highest expectations for both speed and quality of work. DSAm also operates a professional machine shop and a steel construction facility on site, Niron Staal.The yard focuses on the market segments dredging (predominately UK dredgers), offshore and fishing vessels (large vessels). Tankers and bulk carriers also represent an important market segment for the yard, mainly because these vessels load/ unload often in the port of Amsterdam.Main markets/services.

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