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DEAL! Drecht Cities Promotion & Investments Agency


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Welcome to DEALDeal Drecht Cities is the central marketing and promotion agency of the six Drecht Cities and economic development company ROM-D. Being solely financed by these partners, all services of the foundation are rendered for free. This means that the threshold for any company seeking a new location east of Rotterdam, gets a royal treatment without any commercial interest whatsoever. The independent, discrete and highly professional nature of the organisation is valued by many companies that seek investment opportunities in the center of the Dutch Maritime Delta.DEAL! is a small and young organisation. Being established in 2014, it reflects the dynamic nature of the Drecht Cities. The organisation consists of two teams: a central promotion and marketing unit and an investment unit. The promotion team is responsible for the newly introduced international campaign ‘Drecht Cities Maritime Delta’. The investment unit guides companies to their new place of production or distribution within the Drecht Cities.DEAL! specifically focuses on two sectors: maritime production and logistics. Probably the maritime production is the most distinctive feature of the region. Within a small piece of land, world leaders are active in dredging, shipbuilding, mega yacht building, offshore construction and marine supply industries. The presence of global leaders has led to the growth of a sublime equipment manufacturing and system integration industry. Such a dense cluster of maritime knowl

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