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Founded in 1834 DESMI is one of Denmark’s oldest companies and we are proud of having a long history supplying good, reliable solutions, maintaining an innovative approach and utilizing the opportunities on the global market.In recent years we have received various awards, e.g. Entrepreneur of the Year and the Danish Export Association’s Annual Member award, and we have been identified as one of ”1000 companies to inspire Europe”. The selection committees have included these highlights in their reasons for nominating DESMI: Very quick implementation of an innovative business concept; high growth in export turnover; strong networking, both nationally and internationally, and finally our strength in showing the courage, the will, and the ability to embrace the global market.We have what we believe is the right mix of hard work, skills, perseverance, luck and timing. Factors that are all vital in the daily work. Combined with our overall strategies and to the best of our capabilities, we are leading DESMI to the Next Level as One Global Company.We consider ourselves a dynamic company with a solution-oriented approach, be it pump solutions and systems for any kind of liquid handling, environmental equipment for the recovery of oil spills, plastic and trash or contracting activities. This is recognized by businesses all over the world in the more than 100 countries where our systems are operating, and we base our development and solutions on our customers’ current and future needs

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