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Dredging Marine Offshore Equipment BV (DMOE)

DMOE is a small Dutch group of experienced engineers with a proven track-record in the dredging and marine industry, its affiliated companies reside under DMOS.Our approachIn a fast changing and challenging world we believe that teaming up with others, combining a wide experience, will grow results and give customers and partners the best of more worlds. Turn ideas into reality, developing new or even game changing technologies. In the past our team members have gained  experience in project-management, commercial and management positions in design/construction of innovative tools/solutions used in dredging, marine civil construction, offshore support, sea-fastening design and installation, salvage, special marine transport and (sub-sea) mining. There is Ample experience available with large capital projects at major shipyards, engineering and dredging companies.We serve the dredging and marine industry in the following fields:To support our Customers in North-west Canada we opened DMO-services and Equipment. The company supports its customers with its small  maintenance team and supplies spareparts/components that are difficult to obtain in Canada.Please have a look at our website for more information

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